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Additional Services & Products


Equipment & Staff for Graveside – $195.00
Coordination and supervision of the service, equipment and staff necessary to conduct the graveside service.

Family or Pallbearer Limousine – $225.00
Use of vehicle and staff member to transport family members or pallbearers to Church, Cemetery or other facility can be added to any service upon request.

Receiving of Remains from another Funeral Home – $1,095.00
This charge includes the minimum services of staff, temporary protective shelter of remains, transportation of remains to cemetery and necessary services of staff. This charge does not include merchandise or other services.

Forwarding of Remains to another Funeral Home – $1,550.00
This charge includes removal of deceased, the minimum services of staff, embalming, local transportation to airport and minimum shipping container. Does not include air-cargo charges, merchandise or use of facilities for visitation or ceremonies prior to forwarding the deceased.

Direct Cremation – $670.00 to $695.00
(Includes the removal of deceased from place of death within 50 miles, cremation fee, $25.00 cremation tray, necessary staff and services)
A. With container provided by the funeral home – $695.00
B. With container provided by the customer – $670.00
C. CremationFee – $300.00
Additional Over-sized Cremation Fee (300 lbs. to 450 lbs.) – $150
Over 450 lbs. – $300
Oversize hardwood cremation tray – $100.00
Forwarding of Cremains In-State – $75.00
Forwarding of Cremains Out of State – $100.00



100 Memorial Folders, Thank You Notes and Register Book – $125.00

Memorial DVD – $100.00
One memorial DVD that consists of 30 pictures provided by the family. Additional copies may be purchased for $30.00.

Laminated Bookmark – $4.00 Each

Temporary Grave Marker – $20.00

Death Certificate – $10.00/$8.00

Cemetery Set-up – $400.00
(includes tent, grass, chairs, and lowering device)

Carnation Casket Spray (Selected Colors) – $195.00

Hairstyling – $45.00

Bathing & Disinfecting of remains when not embalmed – $100.00

Special Care of Autopsied Remains – $200.00

Shipping Tray – $200.00

Sunday Professional Services Fee – $300.00

Refrigeration Fee (Per Day) – $35.00


*These prices are effective as of April 22, 2017 and are subject to change without notice.

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