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A Natural State Funeral Service & Crematory serves compassionate funeral services. We offer funeral, burial, and cremation services at prices that are within the reach of any family. With years of experience, we understand what it’s like to plan for a funeral or cremation. It can be hard. That is why we offer guidance and affordable services at A Natural State Funeral Service & Crematory. We want families to not have to worry about paying high prices for funeral services in Jacksonville, AR or surrounding areas.

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Do you need to make final arrangements related to funeral and cremation in Jacksonville, AR? If so, you may already be aware that there can be a wide range of price points when it comes to these services. However, you may be wondering if it is possible to find quality professional services at affordable prices. At A Natural State Funeral Service & Crematory, you will find this match. Qualified and experienced professionals offer a wide range of services with transparent pricing breakdowns.

Selecting Which Services Apply for a Funeral and Cremation in Jacksonville, AR

Jacksonville, AR Funeral Home And CremationsOnce you have an idea of who you want to work with, it will also be important to select which services you want to plan to honor your loved one and lay them to rest with dignity and respect. To do that requires some level of understanding of what is even available. A brief outline follows:

Full Funeral Services: It is possible to have large funeral services with all of the options if that fits the needs and wishes of your family. A full funeral usually includes a public viewing and/or visitation event. This opportunity to pay final respects to the deceased and support others who feel this loss can be a very healing experience. The actual funeral is held next with reflection on the life that has been lived. A procession to the cemetery often follows. In some cases, a reception event takes place after the graveside or committal service.

Burial Services: With the body of the deceased present for this event, this actually falls under the funeral category. A burial can be arranged relatively quickly once all legal considerations have been met. If no public service is attached to the burial service, this is called immediate or direct burial. However, it is possible to have a funerary type of service at the graveside if that fits the needs of your situation. The guest list may be large or small. The service may be brief or take a bit longer. The right way is what will support you and your family at this time.

Cremation Services: As a means of caring for the deceased remains, cremations have become an increasingly popular death care solution. The procedure takes the intact remains and transforms them into tiny fragments of bones and elements that remain after a securely controlled incineration. Cremation can allow for different types of final dispositions. These options may include scattering ashes, keeping them in a funerary urn, or burial options.

Memorial Services: This style of honoring ceremony differs from a funeral by being held after the deceased’s remains have already been taken care of. The body could have been buried or cremated in this case. Memorials are particularly helpful in cases where families need to schedule services at a later time or would like more time to plan for the services.

Combined Services: Choosing services doesn’t necessarily need to be one or the other. A great example of combining services happens when one person receives both a funeral and cremation in Jacksonville, AR. Owing to the need to have the body at the funeral, that service is held first. Then, instead of burial, the body is taken to the crematory for the cremation to take place. Memorials can also be combined with cremation. In this case, it is generally held after the cremation has been completed.


Services to Honor Veterans

When someone who has served our country in military service passes away, they are often eligible to have veteran funerary services. Eligibility must be verified with proper documentation. Those who died in combat may have different service options available than those who honorably served but did not die in the line of duty. Veteran services may include the presentation of the folded flag to the next of kin and the playing of taps at the graveside. Your funeral provider can support paperwork for discounted services.


More About A Natural State Funeral Service & Crematory

With caring and compassionate professionals who have many years of combined experience to draw on, A Natural State Funeral Service & Crematory providers have worked hard to launch their firm over the last 6 years. Through that time, hundreds of families have been helped with their needs for final arrangements. Glowing testimonials and reviews attest that this company has the competence and kindness to do this job the right way. With many services available, we can help you plan whatever final farewell you want to design.

Come and see us at A Natural State Funeral Service & Crematory. Our beautiful facilities, transparent pricing, and knowledgeable and kindly staff all work together to support you in a difficult time. Consider us for all of your needs related to funeral and cremation in Jacksonville, AR. Our facility can be toured by appointment at 2620 W Main St, Jacksonville, AR 72076.


Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

Is it okay not to embalm a body?

The quick answer is that embalming is not legally necessary. Furthermore, the Federal Trade Commission prohibits any funeral parlor from misrepresenting that embalming is required for cremation of human remains.

What do you call a funeral car?

A hearse is a big vehicle, usually an automobile, that transports a deceased person’s body in a coffin/casket to a funeral, wake, or memorial ceremony. In other countries, hearses are referred to as funeral vehicles or funeral coaches. Learn more about additional funeral services.

What is a burial service?

Burial services are a method to honor someone by cremating their ashes. Burials can take a variety of forms based on the individual’s choices for disposal or even location in some situations where there may not be enough land available at what would otherwise qualify as an acceptable last resting place.

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