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Our staff at A Natural State Funeral Service & Crematory has over 80 years of combined experience working with funeral homes throughout the state, so we understand how difficult this time can be and will work hard to help you make arrangements that fit within your budget without sacrificing quality service or respect for your loved one’s life story.

We know how difficult it can be to find an affordable and compassionate funeral service provider in Sherwood, AR. That’s why we’re here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our qualified staff will provide straightforward answers to any questions, enabling you and your family to make informed decisions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at (501) 982-3400 at any time.

When you need to make arrangements for final services related to death care, you will want to look for a provider who can offer you professional services at an affordable price. The owners and operators at A Natural State Funeral Service & Crematory can meet these needs with clearly communicated pricing and service packages. You will be in great hands here for all of your needs surrounding services such as funerals and cremation in Sherwood, AR.

Choosing Your Services Surrounding Funeral and Cremation in Sherwood, AR

Sherwood, AR Funeral Home And CremationsOnce you have selected who you will work with to design the necessary final arrangements, you can choose the services you want to offer for your departed loved one. With various options, this is by no means a comprehensive list. Instead, think of it as a starting point.

Funerals: A hallmark of a funeral service is the presence of the deceased body at the event. Because of this, funerals are often held soon after death. A funeral wake or viewing is one piece of a full funeral service. The funeral contains reflection and remembrance, and tributes are spoken towards the deceased. After the completion, the funeral party may travel together to the place of interment. Some families choose to follow this portion of the events with a reception for the deceased’s close family and friends of the deceased.

Burials: Burial services can be very simplified or much more elaborate. The burial service technically falls under the funeral category of services. It is often a streamlined event, not necessarily a full-length funeral at the graveside. There are no complex fast rules, so having an extensive guest list, a full-sized funeral program, or a small party with a brief committal service is possible. Consider the seasonal and weather forecast when making these plans.

Cremations: Cremation services are a means to prepare the deceased remains for the final resting place. This is handled individually, respectfully, and in accordance with all applicable laws. The cremation alters the final remains from an intact human form to a few pounds of ashen particles, mainly consisting of tiny bone fragments. Incineration of the remains is what yields this result. Thus, cremations make various final resting places possible.

Memorial Events: If, for whatever reason, the body will not be present for the honoring events, a memorial is a good option. This is especially useful for families who need additional time to plan the services or schedule them for a later time. The body can be buried or cremated soon after death, and the memorial could be held many weeks or months later.

Customizing Services: It is possible to completely customize services to what is needed for your particular circumstance. We see this regularly when services for a funeral and cremation in Sherwood, AR, are paired together. The funeral portion is held first, followed by the cremation procedure. As mentioned earlier, the memorial can easily pair with cremation to allow for extended time frames to plan the honoring services.

Laying a Veteran to Rest

Those who have honorably served in the armed forces are often due some military honors and veteran services in connection with their final arrangements. The funeral advisors at A Natural State Funeral & Crematory are qualified and ready to help with this process. Appropriate documentation will be necessary for eligibility verification in every case. Discounts can be applied to the funerary service needs as applicable.

The types of funeral services may vary but usually include things like a folded flag presentation to the closest relative or their designee and the playing of taps. Sometimes gun salutes are appropriate and desired. You and your family can be part of selecting which services will be meaningful and add to the loving memory for your departed loved one.

Finding a Funeral Home That You Can Trust

Especially if you do not have a lot of experience in this area, you must think about ways to select a funeral home that you can trust. Things to do include asking for word of mouth and researching online reviews. These are not foolproof but can give you a sense of what kind of business this is. Look at the experience of the providers themselves to see what qualifies them to handle these delicate processes.

As you are searching for a funeral home to help you with your needs related to funeral and cremation in Sherwood, AR, look into A Natural State Funeral Service & Crematory. These providers have been operating for nearly six years in the area. Over that time, a trusted reputation of respect and excellence has developed. Our providers have many years of experience working within the industry. So come see us at 2620 W Main St, Jacksonville, AR 72076.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

Why should you pre-plan a funeral?

Funeral pre-planning is one of those things that everyone should do but no one wants to do. Planning your own funeral offers you piece of mind in knowing exactly what will happen if something goes wrong at this difficult period in your life.

Does a veteran get a free funeral burial?

If your loved one is a veteran and has no disgraceful charges, then most likely your loved one is eligible for a free burial in a national VA cemetery. If you are not sure just kindly visit our website to know more about veteran’s funeral.

What is the role of a funeral director?

  • Help in planning the funeral service.
  • Arrange the transportation of the body to the funeral home.
  • Arrange the transfer of the body to the final resting place.
  • Help the family on their requests.
  • Learn more about funeral directors.

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